Hotel – Restaurant Au Sauvage



Our hotel is located in the centre of the old city. Big parts of the original wall work form the 16th century still exists and it gives each of our rooms an individual touch.


The hotel is close to different sightseeing places which you can reach in no time at all. Our own restaurant is ideal to spend quality time together with family and friends. All of our menus are prepared by our kitchen crew who always put a lot of heart into their work.


The head chef Serge Chenaux made it to his duty to spoil your sense of taste with his meals while taking you on a culinary journey. Our restaurant serves different gastronomic meals which are inspired by dishes typical for a brasserie. You may enjoy them in our dining area or on nice days also on our terrace.
Our meeting room is located on the other side of the bridge St-Jean where you can hold your conferences. The room has space to fit ca. 25 people in it. With the meeting room goes also a private garden. If you would like to take breaks or other events outside it would be our pleasure to organize them so that you can enjoy the garden and the people fully.
A beamer, billboard, flipchart, overhead projector as well as WiFi are included in the rent. It’s also possible to book in addition to the meeting room a meal and/ or rooms in our hotel.






Hotel – Restaurant Au Sauvage
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Hotel – Restaurant Au Sauvage
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Hotel – Restaurant Au Sauvage

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    Hotel – Restaurant Au Sauvage
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