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Travel to Algeria: Information about Algeria with video and beautiful tourist attractions photos.

Algeria is located in the North of Africa, where it is the biggest country fronting the Mediterranean Sea. Known as ‘Al Jazair’ in Arabic and ‘Algérie’ in French, Algeria is actually the first-largest country in the whole of Africa.


Continent: Africa (north-west)
Location: North Africa / Mediterranean
Status: African country
Capital city: Algeris
Area: approximately 907,350 square miles / 2,350,000 square kilometres
Population: approximately 40 million
Language: Arabic, French
Currency: Algerian Dinar (DZD)
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Country dialing code: +213
International dialing code: 00
Religion: Islam
Average daily Algeria January temperature: 9°C / 48°F
Average daily Algeria July temperature: 32°C / 91°F


TOURISM in Algeria is very much a burgeoning industry and suits confident travelers looking for a unique holiday. The beaches of the Turquoise Coast are a real highlight, along with the Sahara dunes, the peaks of the Hoggar Mountains and the sights based within Algiers, the capital. Also, Algeria remains mostly undeveloped as far as tourist attractions are concerned, there’s still plenty to see and do. From the prehistoric rock art of Tassili n’Ajje to impressive palaces and botanical gardens in Algiers, there’s sure to be something to cater for most tastes.

For many tourists, simply soaking up the atmosphere of Algeria’s ancient towns, attractions and desert region is enough to make them plan their next trip to this captivating country

No Limit Info Travel Toursim Information Directory Country Algeria Photos No Limit Info Travel Toursim Information Directory Country Algeria Photos No Limit Info Travel Tourism Information Directory Country Algeria Photos Capital New_Mosque_Jamaa_el_Jedid_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike

A vast area of Algeria is covered by the Sahara Desert, with the dramatic sand dunes of Grand Erg Oriental simply begging to be photographed. The Hoggar Mountains and their soaring peaks are another natural spectacle and are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the northern coast, serves as the capital city and is where most people first arrive. Several reputable tourist information outlets are located in Algiers, with the most popular being the Office National Algerian of Tourism (ONAT) .

Great_Mosque_Jamaa_el_Kebir_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike  MakamEchahid_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike The_Great_Post_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike The_Al_Qala_of_Beni_Hammad_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike
  Great Mosque Jamaa el-Kebir                    MakamEchahid                                     The Great Post                              Beni Hammad Fort

There are many mind-blowing landmarks spread around Algeria, with one of the most famous and photographed being the Monument des Martyrs (Makam Echahid) in Algiers, which remembers those who lost their lives during the Algerian War of Independence (1954 to 1962) against the French. Also in Algiers is a magnificent collection of Ottoman architecture within the Casbah district, the truly ancient Great Mosque (Jamaa el-Kebir), the 17th-century New Mosque (Jamaa el-Jedid), and the extremely famous Grande Post building, which boasts a bright-white facade and resembles more of a palace than an actual working post office. Sightseers should also pencil in a trip to the Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad, where a small taster of 11th-century remains suggest the former glory and grandeur of Algeria’s very first capital city.



Many people choose to holiday in Algeria, taking advantage of the sunny weather, hot temperatures and beautiful Mediterranean coastline, which lies on the northern side of the country. Popular sandy beaches surround Algiers, as well as being based along the easterly Turquoise Coast, where the Sidi Ferruch peninsula resides. There are also a number of buzzing beach resorts to be found around the Oran region, such as Ain El Turk, Les Andalouses, Canastel, Mostaganem and also Sablettes.The city of Skikda is also famed for its uncrowned Mediterranean beachfront and coastal hotels. There are also some fine golden beaches to be found within the
Open hours: daily
Admission: free





The Botanical Gardens in Algiers are known locally as the Garden of Tests: Hamma and have finally reopened after a lengthy period of restoration. Established in 1832, these gardens are said to be the oldest of their kind in Algeria and are one of the capital’s top attractions. Divided into a French garden, English garden and zoo area, there’s plenty to see and do, with thousands of plant and animal species. The gardens now also feature restaurants and an information centre for visitors.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge 50DA



                                                                    LADY OF AFRICA (BASILICA OF ALGIERS)


This impressive-looking Roman Catholic Church sits overlooking the Bay of Algiers, where it is perched atop a cliff some 125 meters / 410 feet above the sea below. Built in the 19th century, its French architect employed much the same techniques and designs being used at that time in his home country. Most tourists visit Our Lady of Africa during their stay in Algiers. A daily mass in French is also offered, although many visitors simply come here to marvel at the glorious architecture and views.

Open hours: daily
Admission: free

                                                                                            BEN AKNOUN ZOO 


Address: Route du Kaddous, Draria, Algiers, Algeria, DZ, North Africa
Situated in the south-west of Algiers, this zoological garden is one of Algeria’s top tourist attractions. Indeed, it is one of the oldest in Africa. The Ben Aknoun Zoo is home to numerous species of animals, which range from crocodiles, monkeys and camels to African elephants and tigers. There are also hotels, restaurants and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy during their stay.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge 100DA






Algeria is home to several World Heritage Sites, including the fascinating town of Tipaza. Once a Roman military colony, Tipaza has some fascinating ruins. Nestled among trees and palms are the remains of the town’s Great Basilica, its Roman baths and amphitheater, and numerous mosaics.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge 100DA



                                                                                TASSILI N’ AIJER

Sahara Desert_Tassili_n_Ajjer_03_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Sahara Deserat_Tassili_n_Ajjer_04_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Sahara Desert_Tassili_n_Ajjer_02_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Sahara Desert_Tassili_n_Ajjer_01_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike

On the edge of the Sahara Desert can be found an impressive collection of prehistoric cave paintings, within the mountain range named the Tassili n’Ajjer (Plateau of the Rivers). More than 15,000 examples of artwork form a unique perspective on the people who once used to inhabit the Djanet region of Algeria. The area surrounding the rock art also has plenty of interesting geological features, including rock pillars that look like a ‘forest of trees’.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge 200DA

                                                                                 THE MOST FAMOUS CITIES IN ALGERIA

ANNABA – Located on the coast, in the north-east of Algeria, Annaba is a thriving port town. Must-sees in Annaba include the Basilica of St. Augustine. As well as dominating the town, the church is famous for being the reputed resting place of Saint Augustine’s hand. Behind the church are some interesting Roman ruins. The Place of Arms is one of the oldest parts of Annaba, with some buildings dating back to the 12th century. After a stroll around the town’s many alleyways, there are plenty of chances to relax. Annaba’s The Cours is a popular place to sit and enjoy an ice cream, whilst the town’s beaches offer cool air by day and lively restaurant life by night.

CONSTANTINE– Located in north-eastern Algeria, Constantine is the third largest city and a popular visitor destination. The city boasts an interesting past, which stretches back to Carthaginian times. Standing atop a mountain, Constantine has a Casbah, palace, mosques, and an interesting museum. Nearby are the Roman ruins of Tiddis

Annaba_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja__putovanja_photos_slike Constantine_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Oran_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Ghardaia_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike
Annaba                                                       Constantine                                              Oran                                                    Ghardaia

ORAN– Algeria’s second-largest city is somewhat off the main tourist route. Indeed, Oran is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the North African ‘RAI’ music movement. Nevertheless, Oran is well worth a diversion, featuring particularly impressive historical attractions. These include its Great Mosque, built in 1769 and open to the public, and the Palace of Culture. The beautiful domed Cathedral The Sacred Heart was converted into a library shortly after Algerian independence and is also a good place to while away some time. The Place of 1st November is Oran’s main square and a popular destination for those newly arrived in town. Aside from the city’s heritage, Oran is a bustling city with plenty to do, including theatre performances and restaurants. In the summer months, Oran’s sandy beaches are a popular way to escape the heat.

GHARDAIA– Located around 600 km / 375 miles south of Algiers in the Mzab Valley is Ghardaia. Listed as a World Heritage Site since 1982, the town is a popular tourist destination. Originally a fortified Berber medieval oasis settlement, the town’s main landmarks today include an interesting market and a beautiful underground mosque, where it is possible to escape the summer heat. The Mzab Valley’s towns, including Ghardaia, are particularly well known for their colorful carpets.

TAMANRASSE– Is located deep in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria. As the largest Tuareg settlement, this desert town has plenty of charming features. The town is also the gateway to the Ahaggar Mountains. Visitors to Tamanrasset shouldn’t miss out on a chance to explore the desert. Hire a guide and you will be rewarded with sandy landscapes, some notable prehistoric rock art and the opportunity to witness the unique on the world spectacular sunsets.

Tamanrasset_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Djemila_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Timimoun_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Tlemcen_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike
Tamanrasse                                                           Djemila                                                 Timimoun                                 Tlemcen

DJEMILA– Once a spectacular Roman city known as Cuicul, Djemila is nowadays a small village set amidst the mountains of the northern coast of Algeria. The village is home to some very well-preserved Roman ruins, including Roman baths, forum and a temple.

TIMIMOUN– Timimoun has everything a desert village should have. As well as lines of distinctive red mud buildings, this pretty oasis is surrounded by sand dunes and palm trees aplenty. At sunset, the ancient salt lake becomes a sea of red waves.

TLEMCEN– Located in north-western Algeria, Tlemcen was once the capital of central Maghreb and a thriving trading town. There’s still plenty to see in the town, including the Great Mosque, built in the 12th century, and the Mechouar, which was originally the site of the governors’ palace. Just out of town are the ruins of Mansourah. This ancient walled town once covered a vast area.


                       SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS FROM ALGERIA (Places, Tradition, Tourist Attractions….)

Algeria_1_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Algeria_5_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike


Algeria_16_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike Algeria_4_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike




                                                              ANNABA, PEARL OF THE EAST ALGERIA



                                                                        BEAUTIFUL BEJAIA (BOUGIE)

Cascade_Kefrida_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike_4 Tighremt_Beach_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slikeYemma_Gouraya_Algeria_Alzir_No_Limit_Info_travel_information_directory_country_turizam_informativni_direktorijum_zemlja_putovanja_photos_slike




Algeria Background



Useful information:

Direct dialing code: +213

Police: 17 for the police, or 021 – 73 53 50 from a mobile

Ambulance: 021 – 23 63 81 or 021 – 71 14 14

Official language: Arabic, French

Currency: Algerian Dinar (DZD)

Embassies and Consulates in Algeria:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

If you’re looking for any kind of other information, do not hesitate to contact us:


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