What is beyond AI? The creator of ChatGPT explains

A number of experts say that OpenAI, the company behind AI chatbot ChatGPT, deserves a lot of credit for taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level. But now OpenAI’s CEO, Samuel Altman, is focusing on AGI, or https://safetysignandlabel.com.au/ (naked url) artificial general intelligence.

“This technology could help us elevate humanity by increasing abundance, turbocharging the global economy, and aiding in the discovery of new scientific knowledge that changes the limits of possibility.” The blog said.

As Altman explained, AGI would also carry serious risks of misuse, severe accidents, and disruption of society.

“Because the upside of AGI is so great, we do not believe it is possible or desirable for society to stop its development forever; instead, society and the developers of AGI have to figure out how to get it right,” he noted

The ethical use of AI in academia has been a hot topic in the last few months, and people have also wondered whether AI could hurt certain jobs and if caution is required.

Altman said OpenAI is deploying and creating models with increasing caution as a company.

“Our decisions will require much more caution than society usually applies to new technologies, and more caution than many users would like,” he added.

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